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Variable Speed Modulating System

Variable speed modulating system









The VAB system is reverse cycle, heat & cool & consists of multiple air handlers each with it’s own touch screen display running from a single variable speed condensing unit with inbuilt variable frequency drive & operates from any voltage & herts, single phase or three phase.

New Variable Speed Modulating System has a V-Star Bristol Compressor.

V Start bristol compressor












Example of The System

Variable speed modulating system• The compressor in this case is a 36000 unit

• It has a speed range between 1200 rpm and 3600 rpm in cooling

• It has a boost facility up to 4800rpm in heating

• This unit comes with pre connected manifolds

• Optional Quick Disconnects allow installation with pre-charged “Line Sets”

• This eliminates the need for refrigeration charging

• The air handlers also have valves for easy installation

• The modulating valve is shown here

• Each unit has a TX valve to “meter “ the refrigerant

• The Compressor has a digital value, in this case 36k it is 36

• Each Evaporator has a value depending on the size of the unit

• If these units were all 12k then they would have a value of 12 each

• If they were different sizes they would be given a value dependant on the size

• Each air handler has its value in the can bus board

• Each Cabin has its own touch screen control

• The value represents the speed of the compressor that will provide the cooling capacity

• The electronics interprets the value and adjusts the signal voltage which speeds or slows the compressor on demand

• Each air handler has its value in the can bus board

• Each Cabin has its own touch screen control

• This controls the speed of the fan and the flow of refrigerant

• The units “talk “ to each other and the compressor with a twisted pair of wires via a can bus board.

• The first control turned on will decide if the unit will cool or heat

• This unit will send a signal to the compressor control to run the unit at a third capacity

• The valve opens allowing refrigerant to flow into the evaporator

• The fan speed will vary depending on the temperature differential between set point and actual

• If when the room is satisfied the fan slows to “1” and the can bus send the signal to slow the speed by the value or if it is the only unit running to stop the compressor

• When another unit tries to heat when the unit is cooling then an optional heater fitted in the coil or retrofitted is available


Benchmark v-star system


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